Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage


What is Indian head massage known to be good for?

  • Reducing feelings of tension and stress
  • Giving an increased sense of relaxation, and a calm mind
  • Decreasing anxiety and helping with sleep related issues
  • To be uplifting and energising 

Physical Benefits:

Research shows that Indian head massage can help with;

  • Increased mobility to shoulder and neck area
  • Increased circulation of oxygenated blood to the areas being massaged
  • Increased blood flow to the brain which reduces fatigue and improves concentration
  • Reduction in muscle tension around the eyes and head, reducing the likelihood of headaches

The use of oils in Indian head massage is not necessary therefore you do not have to have oily 

hair. This is entirely up to you, and will be discussed prior to the treatment.

The client is seated in a chair for this Indian head massage. 

It comprises of a neck and shoulder massage, a scalp massage, pressure is applied to the pressure points on the face and then a touch of Reiki to finish.

*Not suitable during pregnancy*

This is a very popular treatment to treat friends and loved ones.

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Indian Head Massage Reviews

Just been back for 2nd Indian Head Massage....

  Stephanie - Just been back for my second Indian head massage in the new space, amazing!!! So beautiful in there and relaxing. Also, thought I would treat myself to a Thai foot massage too, Jesus, it was incredible! Could of laid there all night!! Thank you so much, left feeling refreshed.

It's not just for the ladies.....!


Chris – Thank you Karen for my relaxing Indian head massage! A gift from my wife, which was super relaxing! The Indian head massage is the perfect relief after sitting at a desk all day and the general stresses and strains of daily life! Thank you Karen Egan!

Calming atmosphere and nice music......

  Alina - I loved my Indian head and shoulder massage , so relaxing and pleasant. I also liked the calming atmosphere and nice music. Highly recommend Karen, she is amazing and gives her all.

Professionalism, warmth & calming environment....

  Paula - I have had two amazing experiences,
1 Indian head massage
2 deluxe Thai foot massage
I always come to Cloud Nine for my nails but I was lucky enough to be given these treatments for a birthday gift from my daughter,
Wow is all I can say, the professionalism along with Karen’s warmth , within a calming environment, I know we all write reviews but this is one that should be taken notice of, when you suffer a head ache or you’re on your feet all day, please don’t neglect and think of Cloud Nine to make you feel on top of the world.

Thoroughly recommend.....


Anne - Karen is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed straight away. Loved my head massage. Amazing and thoroughly recommend.

I felt very special.........


Kasia - Just would like to say how wonderful Karen is!!!
I had an Indian head massage and it was a very nice, relaxing experience. I felt very special.
Thank you Karen, xxx.